Spirit Art Dolls

Spirit dolls have been made been made through the ages by different cultures around the world and are thought to bring love, joy, good health and prosperity to their owners.They have been made to celebrate occasions and for rituals; to give to friends and family and other loved ones as gifts or to hang in your home or car or to just hold for meditative, healing or comfort purposes.

I believe I first came across them a few years ago when I discovered the website of bead artist Robin Atkins and purchased her book Spirit Dolls. In it she explains how to make Spirit Dolls as well as how to decorate them with beads and describes the techniques used. This book and other articles I read on the web inspired me to create my own versions of these dolls. I’m still inspired to make them and continue to develop my technique and skills in making them. I often put dried herbs and/or crystal gem chips inside of the dolls and have even made some of the dolls into brooches. Such as the two shown here.

Hope to be making some more in the New Year!

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