Collages for the Soul – Part 1

I’m sure you will remember creating collages as a young child – cutting out pictures, forms and shapes excitedly and uninhibitedly (as well as creating a mess), which you then glued and stuck to a large sheet of blank paper or card sometimes neatly, sometimes randomly. You knew what your collage represented and meant even if others didn’t!

I’ve found myself drawn to thinking about having a go at creating them for some time now, but felt blocked for some reason. The last time I attempted something like a collage was during my life coaching course when we were encouraged to create vision boards. I find those easy to do – so what is it about the word collage and creating one that felt so strange and why did I feel I couldn’t do it – when with very little instruction and know how I’d done them as a child? Anyway, a few weeks ago, I attempted one on canvas board – entitled Word to the Wise – Happiness (the message being “Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others” The Buddha.

I listed it in my Etsy shop as a PIF – it gained a few views and was claimed the following day.

I feel encouraged and am now working on my next one and will do more and the more I do, the more my techniques in creating them will develop.

My theme for all my collages will be that they are collages to feed the soul. Collages that have affirmative or empowering messages through an assemblage of images and words using various mixed media elements such as acrylic paint, fabric, paper images, embellishments, etc, to gently encourage examination of ones life and reflect on areas of dissatisfaction and to encourage whoever feels drawn to purchasing (or claiming) the collage to make changes in their lives – or it could be that the message/s from the collage acts as confirmation of what the person is already doing or experiencing.

4 thoughts on “Collages for the Soul – Part 1

  1. Well done on the sale and what a fantastic piece of art, I remember them well as a child although mine never looked as good as this.

  2. What a beautiful post, beautiful work. Anyone who thinks collaging is easy, has never undergone intense personal psychotherapy. For me, it's the therapy each and every time.

  3. This is terrific. Nicely done. I have stayed away from collages for years, but seeing yours has inspired me to try it again. Looks like you have something going with this medium. Hope you keep it up!



  4. Awesome collage! I love the colors, textures, images… everything!

    I make photo collages. I think it's a great way to create one piece of art with a theme.

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