5-Minute Marrow Makers

JJ of The Marrow Of Life says “there are so many ways to bring delight to your everyday life, tiny ways to connect to the source – call it God, consciousness, presence, Being, Goddess… tiny Marrow Makers will bring you happiness and make you smile at the folks in line with you”.  She has kindly given me permission to share with you her 5-Minute Marrow Makers:-


  • Candlelight Cleanse.  You have to shower.  You shower alone most of the time.  Turn off the lights and light a candle.  Even on the most hectic mornings, this tiny trick is like a day at the spa.
  • Starbucks Sweetness: Leave your cell in the car when you go into Starbucks.  While in line, take a 3-point check: What do you smell?  Hear?  See?  Starbucks are usually designed like a senses feast, but we rarely notice it.  Your latte will be so much more delicious after having anticipated it!
  • Car Kids:  What are the kids doing in the car on the way to school? Texting? Watching DVDs?  Is there a possibility this could be some quality time – a time to set intentions with them, or just to ask what they want from today?
  • Car Cruise:  I love Oprah’s old Spirit Channel podcasts.  If you are mindlessly choosing the 9:30 Z100 phone tap… try a spiritual podcast instead.  They’re thought provoking and usually put you in the frame of mind to work mindfully.
  • Twilight Tea:  Do you have that cup of coffee after work to plow through the evening? Choose a tea.  The sensual experience will be greater, bringing you closer to the present moment, and you will sleep better if you choose a delish decaf like Tazo Calm.
  • Goddess Goo:  Skip the sh!tty Suave discount lotions.  Dump them all and indulge in one, gorgeously scented, skin-friendly, paraben free body lotion.  You have to moisturize – why not treat yourself like a goddess while gooping up?
  • Night Nurture:  Instead of mindless flopping around Facebook (#1 culprit) the 10 minutes before sleep, set an alarm on your computer/phone/iCal to shut down the visual stimulation and open up something peaceful.  Create a stack of inspirational books, or a gratitude journal, and spend the time before bed invoking meaning into your sleep!
  • Dishes Dance:  Turn on something stimulating for your ears while you wash those dishes.  Keep a little iPod speaker on the sink so it’s no big deal to throw on some sweet, soothing tunes, meditations, podcasts, or soundscapes.  Wiggle your butt around! 

    Source: http://meaningandmarrow.blogspot.com/

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