Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Self-confidence and self-esteem are not the same thing, but very much go hand in hand.   Your self-esteem which is based on your beliefs about your own value as a person will affect how confident you feel about yourself.


I was inspired to write this post, by Angela Curtis a successful entrepreneur and Leader of a newly formed team ‘Ask Angela & Friends‘ on Etsy, who knows only too well what it is like to suffer from poor self-esteem.
She says “I was an obese, sad person for my entire adult life…until 3rd March 2011…..I had a minor health scare…and I changed my life”.   Angela added exercise to her life and changed her diet completely.  She enthuses “the minute I started caring more about myself, the self-esteem and confidence came to me”.


What helped Angela keep firmly on her path was ensuring she had a positive source of support throughout her year of changes. For example, her husband and Facebook friends.  As Angela lost weight, she  posted photos of herself on Facebook.  The positive reactions she received encouraged her to keep going. 

 Angela’s inspirational and loving guidance to you and I is  “whatever it is that is holding you back from having good self esteem… you can overcome it, you can do anything you put your mind to… I am an example of that and I hope to inspire all of you…. please take control of the feelings, put them in their place, and feel good about yourself…..because you are worth it”.  


Well!  I think I’m worth it and have recently joined a gym to help me shake of and tone up my menopausal weight gain/body changes.  I know that if I slack of or beat myself up about it, I can come back to this post and be encouraged and motivated by Angela’s words of wisdom!

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