Pantone Red and Blue for Chic Chic Gemmes

These two colours have the power to transcend time and fashion.  Red and Blue historically are possibly two of the most important shades.  Those azure blues found in diamond stones were and still are highly prized. The ancients discovered that the Cochineal red dye could be created from the bodies of the Cochineal beetle.  Something that is still used in some food colorants and cosmetics today!

Red – it’s the colour of blood, of love,  passion, anger and rage.  One will find it on the flags of many countries and it will in many cases represent ‘spilt blood’.  Red is the colour of life and death, everything about it is so attention grabbing.

red hot blazer

Red vintage blazer (founditgreat)

You can add strong elements of crimson to your outfit – just take a look at some of the beautiful accessories around, to get that quintessential Lady-in-Red look!

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Next we have the all important Blue!  Where would we be without this shade of Ultramarine?  Although it’s stunning to look at, many will find that it’s calming at the same time.  Just as vibrant as the red, blues are used for their different effect.  Think the beautifully blue skies of summer or the calmness of blue painted walls.

Vintage sky blue dress from founditgreat

Vintage sky blue dress from founditgreat

Blue looks fantastic on any accessory, but if you feel like you need that extra little bit of calmness in your everyday, try the blue hues.  Whether as statement rings, friendship bracelets or other arm candy! (thank you to Hema of Fashionistcs for the authoring of this post)

Sea charm bracelet by Blossoming Silver

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