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I have been using my smartphone to take photos of my creations and for my blog, for the past 6 months or so, as the images seem clearer and sharper than those taken with my old digital camera.   Note – I am not a professional photographer, neither am I anywhere up there with the growing league of  those people producing fantastic works of art with their iPhones.  I’m an amateur in the truest sense of the word in that all I literally do is try and take my photos in natural light with a creative background, and point and shoot!

I’ve recently discovered Instagram which is a social photo networking app you can download for free.  It has inbuilt filters which enable you to edit your images and apply borders or effects that give your photos a nice 1970’s nostalgic, retro style look, a grungy look, or old black and white movie style look.  I must have an addictive personality…..because, well…I’ve become addicted to it and am looking at everything with ‘new eyes’ and wanting to take photos all the time or am spending far too much time admiring other Instagramer’s photos!   I’ve also discovered loads of other filter apps are available.  I’ve only downloaded one (so far).

Here are some photos I’ve taken and then experimented with filters and applied effects’.

esme1 esme2

red phonebox red phonebox2

IMG_2688 IMG_2689IMG_2685 Eiffel Tower Earrings


Cream ala Caviar …. O, sorry….. Cream ala Caramel!!!

Lorraine Coetzee of  Trinity Designer Jewellery curated the Etsy treasury below – entitled ‘Cream ala Caviar…O, sorry….Cream ala Caramel!!!’

Lorraine says ” So feminine, soft, tender….okay…I know, you get the picture.  Gorgeous items, ladies”.     I definitely agree,  this  selection of  cream ala caramel beauties are soooooo feminine, don’t you?

T5625 – Caramel Cre…




Wedding garter, bro…


Fabric Corsage Broo…


Caramel and cream b…


Autumn Glow Earring…


Bronze, Gold, Ivory…


French Flea Market …


Handmade Ceramic Fl…


Butterscotch Cockta…


Lampwork Glass Bead…


MIST on the WHEAT F…


Final SALE…Artisa…


Craving Caramel and…


Romance in Paris – …


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And thank you Lorraine, for including one of my fabric corsage brooches!


Whether you like to boogie on down, foxtrot, jig,  shimmy, tap, swing and jive or bump and grind – dancing is good for you!    There is lots of research out there to back this up!  For instance, check out the benefits identifed in various studies listed in the  Wikipedia

Street Entertainers (Sans Francisco, USA, Summer 2010)

So, what are you waiting for…….kick of your shoes, shake of the blues, lose your inhibitions and have fun!!

Accessories & Clothing For Your Inner Girl

With the hustle and bustle of daily living, responsiblities, age related aches and pains, emotional, mental or financial worries, perhaps a physical impairment and so forth – it can be so easy to forget about the girl within each of us.  It can be so easy to forget how to have fun, dance, play, laugh, do something silly, be creative, wear things we like – just because.  Maybe you have forgotten how to be girly or you were never given the opportunity to really experience being a carefree, happy girl full of wonderment for the world around you.  Well – it is never too late!
You can reconnect with your inner girliness in lots of ways, but here are a few items of clothing and accessories to get you started:

Candy Corn Earrings by BeadingByBawissa, Salt Lake City, US
Felt Applique Iron On Patches – Handbag/Purse by FeltLikeStitchin, Yorkshire, UK
Teal Cupcake Bubble Dress by lynnsrags, San Diego, US
Sugar Heart Pendant by sugarraindrops, CT, US
Kitty Cat Pet Necklace by cherryboop, Montevideo, Uriguay
Leopard Kitty Cat Mary Janes by emandsprout, Southern California, US
The White Rabbit Ladies T-Shirt by theboldbanana, Southern California
Trashy Hot Pink Foil Hair Bow and Neon Hot Pink Cyper Party Tutu Skirt by SugerpopClothing, Liverpool, UK