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Reading Glasses Review – The New Fashion Accessory

Are you finding it hard to read the menu in your local ‘seductively (dimly) lit’ restaurant, or perhaps you are holding your book or e-reader at arms length because it makes the words on the page/screen seem less blurry?    If so, I’m guessing you are in your late 30’s or older and now have the age related eye condition (presybiopia).  There was a time when you got your eyes tested at the opticians and purchased your glasses from them.  Nowadays you can purchase ready made reading glasses at your local supermarket, chemist, department store or as I’ve recently discovered – online!  

Ready made reading glasses apparently became quite popular in the 1990’s and over the years have become so much more cheaper than prescribed reading glasses, which means if you are the type of person who is always forgetting where you put your glasses, you can afford to keep spares in various locations (i.e. your office drawer, bedside table, your car, etc).  

read optics 1

I’m 54 and have been wearing prescription spectacles since pre teens.  Therefore, I have not had cause to take much interest in ready made reading glasses, but I was recently invited by Read Optics, an online ready-to-wear reading glass retailer to review their reading glasses.  

There are 2 basic styles of reading glasses.  Full reading glasses and half – eye reading ones which enable you to look down and through the lenses for close up work and then up and over to see things in the distance.

I had a look through the spectacles on their website and chose 3 full framed pairs, which were securely and very quickly dispatched out to me. Each of the clear plastic cases the readers were contained in,  stated the lens strength as being +1.5, which the Read Optics website quotes as being the strength most likely needed for people aged 40 – 45 years old.   

I naturally chose styles I thought would suit my small oval face and designs I favoured.  As mentioned above, I wear prescription lenses, so my focus here is mainly on the style and design of the readers.

Womens Blackberry Pretty Chic Full Frame

Womens Blackberry Pretty Chic Full Frame

The first pair I looked at have a cute name!  ‘Blackberry Pretty Chic’. I think I expected the frames to be flimsy and cheap looking, for the price, but I was wrong.  They are actually quite sturdy with sprung joints.  They are classical but stylish with some ‘bling’ rhinestone detailing and I love how they graduate in colour from a deep blackberry at the top of the frame to almost fuchsia pink at the bottom (if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I love pink, I’ve certainly mentioned it enough times).

Unisex Tortoishell Sun Reader Full Frame

Unisex Tortoishell Sun Reader Full Frame

Now…you really can’t go wrong with rectangular shaped tortoiseshell specs can you?   They have a classical retro vibe about them and tortoiseshell frames are as popular today I am sure, as they were 30 or 50  years ago with women as well as men and I personally feel they look more impactive and uber cool with deep tint lenses.  These full framed sun readers from Read Optics feel and look to me, to be of the same calibre as the lightweight Blackberry Chic ones with their sturdy frame and sprung joints.  I managed to take a selfie of me wearing them. 

Me wearing Unisex Tortoishell Sun Reader Full Frame

I really love the sophisticated design of the ‘Mulberry Glamorous Fret Full Frame’.  These have a stainless steel frame and a delicate look and feel to them.  The lenses are adhered to the frames rather than sitting within the frames, so it makes me wonder if these readers are as durable as the other 2 pairs – but as I won’t be wearing them to test them out or the others, I am not really the best person to judge.

Mulberry Glamorous Fret Full Frame

The Read Optics website states “Our stylish range of reading glasses will transport you to a new world of vision”.  They offer buyers “a one-stop-shop for optical quality, affordable and fashionable reading glasses”.   The price of readers (compared to what one has to pay for prescription multifocal lenses and the various add ons) really gives you so much scope to experiment with different styles, designs and colours – and so you can channel your inner Audrey (Hepburn) on Saturday afternoon, be a sexy Goth Goddess on Wednesday night, and Geeky Charlotte at the office.  Reading glasses truly have become the new fashion accessory!

Disclaimer: These reading glasses were given to me in exchange for a review.  The opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.

The Sedna Necklace

Bringing in the gentle healing power of the sea, shell is believed to be emotionally balancing and protective as well as provide insight into decision making, enhancing and stimulating intuition, imagination and sensitivity. The necklace below has been named Sedna after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

shell necklace

Sedna is a one of a kind freestyle necklace I have made and is comprised of lovely dyed pink mother of pearl tear drop and spiked dagger beads wire wrapped to raspberry coloured artisan lampwork beads plus a couple of white swarovski elements crystal pearl beads. Accented with a large wood bead and finished with an antiqued bronze leaf clasp. One of a kind, eclectic maybe…..but uniquely yours.  Available for purchase from Chi Chi Gemmes (my Etsy shop).

Being Creative…More Earrings (Personal Styllng)

gray earrings

Made myself another pair of earrings…..using some left over Swarovski Elements crystal bicone shaped beads from a previous project, and rondelles with sterling silver teardrop beads, headpins and earwires.

Dress to go with handmade earrings

I’ve made them to go with this sky blue ombre silk dress (another recent sales purchase from Mint Velvet).

Candy Colours & Handmade Earrings


I’m in earring making mood!  I’ve just rooted through my bead selection and found these 2 faceted candy jade briolette beads which I’m going to wire wrap with sterling silver wire and cluster with small white swarovski crystal pearl beads and artisan sterling silver earwires.  I might also make a stretch bracelet with some larger crystal pearl beads and silver charm.

These little dinkies are going to accessorise the stone coloured lace top dress I recently purchased in the sales from Mink Velvet.   The dress and earrings will also go well with either of the 2 pairs of shoes I also recently purchased in the sales – stone suede court shoes and coral wedge heeled sling backs.

Peaches n Cream & Mink Velvet

Now I just need a bag!  Stone/nude……or coral/deep salmon pink……which colour would you go for?

Harmony – Quote

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” ~Mahatma Gandhi  

Hematite Gemstone Stretch Bracelet (highly protective, grounding and balancing, hematite absorbs negative energy and is said to harmonise mind, body and spirit).



“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.

~ Bette Midler


Ballerina shoes, £38 / Forever 21 wedge sandals, £20 / Faith blue heels / Hidden wedge, £26 / Jimmy Choo snake print pumps / Lola Cruz maryjane pumps, £150 / Taupage high heel sandal / Dolce & Gabbana ballerina pumps / Jimmy Choo peep toe pumps, £760