Make Do And Mend


Meet Yanni who  holds a deep appreciation for recycling .   Give her some trash and sure enough she will make something beautiful out of it!

Wear the Rainbow Recycled Long Paper Bead Necklace - YanniCreations

In her own words………

“Hi,  I am Yanni of YanniCreations.I am a free spirited recycling artist. I am engaged in all sorts of crafting but I hold a deep appreciation for recycling and creating with decoupage to be the most fulfilling. My love for upcycling and remaking started because I have an enormous collection of bits and pieces that I have stocked since childhood. I used to do collage, woodworks, beads and more traditional kinds of things. I did lots of recycling projects back in school and proud to say, my crafts had always gained the nods of viewers in exhibits. I really enjoyed those moments, and from that I started making things with any kind of debris I find. If I see any discarded and unloved materials along the way headed for a trash pile, I couldn’t help but pick them up knowing one day, I would create something beautiful out of those rubbish. When I eventually started making funky and unique jewelries, it was hard to stop. Currently, I have tons of maps, stamps, vintage books and lots of found objects that I try to incorporate in my pieces.

Atlas/Map Paper Beads for Your Craft Project - YanniCreations

With themes of green politics, conservationism and climate change becoming increasingly popular in the art arena, I commit in putting eco-friendly philosophies to practice, with jewelries, accessories and home decors made entirely or at least 90% of unwanted objects. Recycling and reusing stuff normally destined for the landfill has always been a creative process for me.

Lidded Decoupaged Map Wooden Bowl with Wood Spoon - YanniCreations

It is my personal goal and YanniCreations to help change people’s minds and hearts to reconsider what is garbage and realize that anything seemed worthless could still be salvaged. Ephemeras that are normally discarded can be transformed into eco-friendly accessories with just a bit of imagination, creativity and a sense of fun.

Under the Sea Map Decoupaged Wooden Cat - YanniCreations

Everything in my Etsy store is handmade .You’ll find a collection of hand made stuff and accessories that range from chic jewelries to delightfully decorative functional pieces. It is my commitment to offer original and inventive designs. Although the materials are common such as paper, I make sure my paper crafts are well-made and long lasting. I do not mass produce my creations and I see to it that each piece is unique and OOAK.

In parting, I want my creations to encourage recycling by showing that the life cycle of a thing doesn’t end when it’s no longer functional and that just about anything can be re-used, recycled, remade long after it has served its primary purpose!

Take a peek at some of my maps and paper beads and then look in your trash bin for inspiration!. Unleash your creativity”!

Ice Cream Ad Recycled Paper Beads for Your Craft Project - YanniCreations

…published with the artist’s permission – thanks Yanni!

Reclaim and Upcycle

Do you find that sometimes you have a piece of clothing or other fabric item that has served it’s purpose – but you are reluctant to get rid of it?  Why not ‘reclaim’ the fabric and create something new?

I did this with some  polyester satin pillowcases, a bedspread, lace curtain from my old four poster bed and the wool blend lining of a suit jacket my partner had hardly worn but was going to give away because it no longer fitted him.  I cut the items  up into various sized pieces and added them to my ever growing fabric stash.  I have subsequently made some fabric corsage brooches, chokers and wrist wraps like this one:

As well as some herb sachets such as these two  (the corsages sewn to the sachets are made from new fabric):

Claire of FeltLikeStitchin has just purchased a couple of gorgeous skirts from her local charity shop.  Both are  far too large for her but as she says “I love the fabric so I am going to have a go at a bit of recycling and repurposing”.  Visit her blog to find out more about the challenge she has set herself!