Make Do And Mend

Reclaim and Upcycle

Do you find that sometimes you have a piece of clothing or other fabric item that has served it’s purpose – but you are reluctant to get rid of it?  Why not ‘reclaim’ the fabric and create something new?

I did this with some  polyester satin pillowcases, a bedspread, lace curtain from my old four poster bed and the wool blend lining of a suit jacket my partner had hardly worn but was going to give away because it no longer fitted him.  I cut the items  up into various sized pieces and added them to my ever growing fabric stash.  I have subsequently made some fabric corsage brooches, chokers and wrist wraps like this one:

As well as some herb sachets such as these two  (the corsages sewn to the sachets are made from new fabric):

Claire of FeltLikeStitchin has just purchased a couple of gorgeous skirts from her local charity shop.  Both are  far too large for her but as she says “I love the fabric so I am going to have a go at a bit of recycling and repurposing”.  Visit her blog to find out more about the challenge she has set herself!