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Piper Ewan – Fashion Designer and Couture Seamstress

Piper Ewan’s Fashion Philosopies
Your clothes are an expression of your moods and whims; why do you want to look like anyone else?
Have a sense of humor.
Dress the way you really wanted to dress when you were nine.
Overdress; dress up for no good reason.
Make your own occasions; wear that cocktail dress you’ve been saving out to the bar or to that boring party.
If it doesn’t fit or flatter don’t wear it.
If you don’t love it don’t buy it.
Always wear at least one thing that makes you happy.
Feel pretty=Be pretty
Don’t listen to other people.
And no, you’re not too old to wear that.
Piper Ewan was conceived in 1998 by Kirsten a Moore (based in Portland, Oregon, US), as a fashion design company dedicated to making one of a kind women’s garments.  Kirsten’s designs are influenced by her love of styles from the 1920’s to the early 1960’s.  As she describes it “a somewhat old timey look that is also timeless”.  Each item created by Kirsten is cut to order and meticulously hand finished with fine detail work – making each item unique.

Her work is sold in various boutiques across the US as well as online at:
For made to order. visit her website at:

More Indie Reds


Eco Top-Red Tails: Avendano,Toronto, Canada

Rust and Red Foldover Bag:  BedouinBags, Brisbane, Australia

Red Salsa Shrug: trendyknitting, Istanbul, Turkey

Custom Red Retro Platform Pumps: zerkahloostrah, Holyoke, W Massachussetts, US
Red Charm Bracelet: SpiderBoots, UK
Red Fabric Flower Bobby Hair Pins: dandyapple, West Tennessee, US

Indie Reds

Red is one of the colour fashion trends for this Autumn (Fall) and Winter.
Red is positively associated with life, blood, survival, warmth, vibrancy, passion, lust, potency, fertility, rebirth, courage, confidence, energy for change, visual impact……………..and negatively…..danger, aggression, frustation…………….

Red is one of the *Winter colour palettes
*Colour palettes and hair/skintone will be covered in a later article
Passion – Sterling Silver, Spicy Red Sparkling Crystal Briolette EarringsCreationsbyJuliann, New York, US
Halter Top ‘Jose’ – EllaPhantePhashion, Alabama, US
Rich Red Bloom Brooch – meplussmolly, UK
Fiery Red Blossm Liariat/Bolo Fibre Art Neckwear – ohmay, San Francisco, California, US
Hair Comb – Red and Coffee Ribbon Rose Hair Piece – Aurorarose, London, UK
Corset Overbust Red Silk – labellefairy,Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Messenger Bag in Black and Red Apple – MamaRuby,  UK
Embroidered Mary Jane Flats – stopsandstarts, Brooklyn, New York, US
SuperGlam Lip Jam Natural Gloss in Red Raspberry – LaLaBloom, Victoria, Canada

Wee Sparrow – Unique Gemstone and Bead Jewellery Handmade in England

Designer Wee Sparrow from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK meticulously designs, creates and sells beautiful jewellery which incorporate quality materials.  She sells her jewellery at:

Wee Sparrows earrings are affordable, elegant and sexy and can add the final touch of glamour to your outfit.  I hope you think so too!  She currently has a sale running throughout September.  Take advantage and purchase  a pair or two to accessorise your seasonal party outfits or  as part of your Christmas shopping!!
A future article will look at earring styles to suit your face shape, skintone and hairstyle.

More Curvy Chi Chi

Click on the links to  see more images of the dresses and their designers.

Curvy Chi Chi

Have just spent an enjoyable couple of hours browsing through some of the indie creations on Etsy (American handmade online shop) for the curvacious goddesses amongst us (myself included).  Click on the links to be taken to see more images and the designer’s shops.

Black Magic Woman Blue Velvet Retro Vintage Inspired Dress

Betty Atkins Dominguez (stubbornwoman) – Designer with Style

Here in the UK mornings are getting darker earlier and we shall soon be saying goodbye Summer and hello to Autumn which happens to be my favourite season.  My thoughts naturally turn to what to wear as the weather gets cooler.

I’ve enjoyed browsing through the online Etsy shop of Betty Domininguez (known as stubbornwoman) and her selection of gorgeous crocheted hats and am surely spoilt for choice!

Betty (stubbornwoman) says “One reason children look so adorable in hats is that the hat looks just a tad big for them. I strive for this look in my adult hats. It is so much more flattering to our faces, plus, the hat doesn’t crush our hair flat. If I have a style, this is it”.
This talented woman also makes jewellery!  I love these pink opalite teardrop earrrings and hope you will agree with me that they would go wonderfully with the ‘Anna Karenina’ style hat and scarflette above!
You can see more of stubbornwoman’s designs at:

Style Is Who and What We Are

Fashion fades, only style remains the same”
Coco Chanel

Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress”
Coco Chanel

Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress”
Elsa Schiaperelli

Style is primarily a matter of instinct”
Bill Blass

My shoes are special shoes for discerning feet”
Manolo Blahnik