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Patrica Lazar – Art is my Life


Art IS my life…………says Patricia Lazar

“I have been an artist just about all my life, having started to paint very seriously at about twelve years old. My whole life has been totally centred around my art, which is as integral to me as breathing! Although it has taken a more commercial twist from time to time, my love of Fine Art has always dominated”.

Patrica studied (and later taught) at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. Her principal teacher was Dr Arthur Lismer, one of the famous Canadian Group of Seven (a famous Canadian art movement known for its portrayals of North American wilderness). Patricia has been exhibiting and selling her artwork since the age of 19 and has spent many years collaborating with other artists both in Canada and abroad.

Patricia who has lived in Toronto for the past twenty years, specialises in handcrafted ceramic art, especially teapots and wall pockets. Her amazing functional and sculptural teapots – like the first imgage above which is a non-functional (Black Folk Art) sculpture teapot entitled “Aerobics Class” – can be found in Museums and art collections around the world. In fact, Patricia is proud to announce that the largest teapot collection in the world, The Kamm Teapot Foundation, have recently acquired some of her work!

This multi-talented woman also paints on canvas, using professional acrylic paint. She says “my specialty is animal portraits and I love to do commissions either on canvas or on a ceramic piece. I also love to paint Mermaids, Nudes and other designs. Lately I’ve been working with stained glass and just loving it”.

Patricia concludes that her “art is a labour of
of love” and her creations make “unique and affordable gifts for discer
ning art collectors”

To find out more about the beautiful work shown here please do take a wonder over to Patricia’s website, as well as her Etsy and Ebay shops: