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Accessories & Clothing For Your Inner Girl

With the hustle and bustle of daily living, responsiblities, age related aches and pains, emotional, mental or financial worries, perhaps a physical impairment and so forth – it can be so easy to forget about the girl within each of us.  It can be so easy to forget how to have fun, dance, play, laugh, do something silly, be creative, wear things we like – just because.  Maybe you have forgotten how to be girly or you were never given the opportunity to really experience being a carefree, happy girl full of wonderment for the world around you.  Well – it is never too late!
You can reconnect with your inner girliness in lots of ways, but here are a few items of clothing and accessories to get you started:

Candy Corn Earrings by BeadingByBawissa, Salt Lake City, US
Felt Applique Iron On Patches – Handbag/Purse by FeltLikeStitchin, Yorkshire, UK
Teal Cupcake Bubble Dress by lynnsrags, San Diego, US
Sugar Heart Pendant by sugarraindrops, CT, US
Kitty Cat Pet Necklace by cherryboop, Montevideo, Uriguay
Leopard Kitty Cat Mary Janes by emandsprout, Southern California, US
The White Rabbit Ladies T-Shirt by theboldbanana, Southern California
Trashy Hot Pink Foil Hair Bow and Neon Hot Pink Cyper Party Tutu Skirt by SugerpopClothing, Liverpool, UK