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The Soap Seduction

Did you know that you can be seduced by soap? No? Have a look at the soaps shown here and tell me that they don’t make you swoon with delight! “Soap Seduction: Where a passion for soapmaking meets the art of handmade! It’s all about pampering and treating yourself and others to one-of-a-kind, deliciously scented, handmade soaps and body products”. So says Patrice from Washington DC, US, who admits to being a soapaholic, so much so, that she makes and sells these sensuous, seductive delights in her aptly named shop on Etsy – The Soap Seduction.

“Buttercream Cupcake is a delicious soap to indulge in. It smells of a freshly-baked cupcake and I drizzle chocolate-scented soap frosting all over and top with a glycerin soap cherry. Frosting color can be customized to your liking. Each soap is 5 oz and is made with a sulfate-free shea butter soap base. This soap beckons all cupcake lover to come hither”! Still not seduced?

How about this one which Patrice has named Rhapsody in Soap. She says “to capture what spring and summer mean to me, I scented this soap in a heady fusion of orchard (apple, pear, and plum) and lime. I love that one part of this soap is sweet and the other sour. It’s like a big, fat jolly rancher for your body!Did you know that commercial soaps which you buy from your supermarket or local chain store, are generally full of chemical/synthetic additives and have had the natural occurring glycerin removed, tend to dry out your skin as well as can lead to rashes and other skin irritations. Patrice says that all her handmade soaps are loaded with quality skin-loving ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, goats milk, shea butter and oatmeal. She uses all natural soap bases containing no preservatives. Her soaps are scented “to please even the most discerning palate”. Handmade soap will gently cleanse away excess oils and bacteria from your skin without stripping away it’s natural oils……leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky………now if the thought of this alone doesn’t seduce you – I don’t know what will!I know it has me and I have just purchased a whopping 7 oz bar of this soap -Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap-Part Deux. Made with olive, palm, and coconut oils………mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

And no……I won’t be sharing….go buy your own!