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Pantone Red and Blue for Chic Chic Gemmes

These two colours have the power to transcend time and fashion.  Red and Blue historically are possibly two of the most important shades.  Those azure blues found in diamond stones were and still are highly prized. The ancients discovered that the Cochineal red dye could be created from the bodies of the Cochineal beetle.  Something that is still used in some food colorants and cosmetics today!

Red – it’s the colour of blood, of love,  passion, anger and rage.  One will find it on the flags of many countries and it will in many cases represent ‘spilt blood’.  Red is the colour of life and death, everything about it is so attention grabbing.

red hot blazer

Red vintage blazer (founditgreat)

You can add strong elements of crimson to your outfit – just take a look at some of the beautiful accessories around, to get that quintessential Lady-in-Red look!

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Next we have the all important Blue!  Where would we be without this shade of Ultramarine?  Although it’s stunning to look at, many will find that it’s calming at the same time.  Just as vibrant as the red, blues are used for their different effect.  Think the beautifully blue skies of summer or the calmness of blue painted walls.

Vintage sky blue dress from founditgreat

Vintage sky blue dress from founditgreat

Blue looks fantastic on any accessory, but if you feel like you need that extra little bit of calmness in your everyday, try the blue hues.  Whether as statement rings, friendship bracelets or other arm candy! (thank you to Hema of Fashionistcs for the authoring of this post)

Sea charm bracelet by Blossoming Silver

Keeping Stylish In The Snow

Chunky Infinity Scarf

Chunky Infinity Scarf by BlueBirds Fly Boutique

At the first glimpse of snow we all raid our wardrobes for those woolly hats and the thickest cardigans. But who could blame us!  Here in the U.K we have been covered in a thick blanket of snow for days!

Keeping warm in the winter is a priority more than style or fashion.  So for four to five months of the year we will find ourselves wrapped up in those chunky sweaters, granny style cardigans and in extreme cases…thermal underwear!  The downside to this is that the winter is filled with all those parties and events that you will be invited to.  We know that anyone can look stylish in the snow!  Here are some of our tips on how to look hot when it’s freezing cold outside!

Shrug/Bolero by The Feminine Touch

Layering:  One of the key trends this year has been layering.  Looking good is not always about wearing your most thickest jumper and hoping that chunky belt will give it a retro twist.  Why not do several layers?  Your sparkly vest top over a long sleeved t-shirt and loose cardigan for example.  You will be surprised how warm you can be with this bohemian look.  Try your lacy shrug tie up bolero!  The more eclectic you feel you can be the better!  Layering is a super chic way of keeping warm in the winter.

Alternating those themes:  Right now you will find that themes in fashion are very now! By ‘themes’ we mean motifs with even a hint of fancy dress!  Yes it’s anything goes with your winter outfit.  Get playful with your style and add those quirky fun hooded sweaters and hats with built in animal ears.  Owls, foxes and rabbits have been everywhere over the past year, so you will be onto a sure fire hit with this one.  A look that looks fabulous on all ages!

Faux Fur Foxy Lil Minx Hoodie Scoodie Scarf by Topped Hats

Accessorize with colour:  Winter is a very dull time, especially in the U.K.  The dark skies certainly do make things a little drab.  It’s all we can do to add some colour to our outfits.  If there was ever a time to be eye catching then it is right now.  Go for the vibrant reds and exotic peacock blues when accessorising!  That bright multicoloured neck scarf will look amazing over that grey coat.  Warm sienna’s, burnt oranges as well as cherry reds on your winter warmers are perfect!

Mohair Fingerless Gloves by The Feminine Touch

Get Sparkly: With the dull weather it pays to be as glam as possible- so get that bling on.  Cocktail rings as well as that oversized gem encrusted necklace make a statement at any winter party.  Ok so technically your jewels will not keep you warm but those gemstones will reflect the little light that there is at this time of year.  You will truly sparkle, your gems giving the impression of warmth along with being glamorous.

Red Necklace Coral Spike Poppy Red Dagger Beaded Choker  - Spring Passion by Chi Chi Gemmes

Coral Gemstone with Crystal Beads Choker/Necklace by Chi Chi Gemmes

With just these simple tips you can make a serious style statement when out and about this season!

Author:  Hema (aka) The Fashionistics

Ruby Red

‘Ruby Red’ by Loutul

Vintage Glass Jewel Earrings…


Antique Floral Victorian But…


Red Pink and Gold Mosaic Pen…


Ruffle scarf, knitted


Retro Cow Key hanger Woolen …


Garnet Flower Brooch Red Sil…




Personalized Alice in Wonder…


Red Necklace & Earrings Set,…


Oriental designed plate . Vi…


Ruby Red Coral Bowl – Medium…


vintage playing cards Metrov…


Rose Applique Ruby Red Rose …


RUBY RED peacock feather sp…


Soft Burgundy Steampunk Goth…


Rugged Leather Camera Bag – …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

More Indie Reds


Eco Top-Red Tails: Avendano,Toronto, Canada

Rust and Red Foldover Bag:  BedouinBags, Brisbane, Australia

Red Salsa Shrug: trendyknitting, Istanbul, Turkey

Custom Red Retro Platform Pumps: zerkahloostrah, Holyoke, W Massachussetts, US
Red Charm Bracelet: SpiderBoots, UK
Red Fabric Flower Bobby Hair Pins: dandyapple, West Tennessee, US

Indie Reds

Red is one of the colour fashion trends for this Autumn (Fall) and Winter.
Red is positively associated with life, blood, survival, warmth, vibrancy, passion, lust, potency, fertility, rebirth, courage, confidence, energy for change, visual impact……………..and negatively…..danger, aggression, frustation…………….

Red is one of the *Winter colour palettes
*Colour palettes and hair/skintone will be covered in a later article
Passion – Sterling Silver, Spicy Red Sparkling Crystal Briolette EarringsCreationsbyJuliann, New York, US
Halter Top ‘Jose’ – EllaPhantePhashion, Alabama, US
Rich Red Bloom Brooch – meplussmolly, UK
Fiery Red Blossm Liariat/Bolo Fibre Art Neckwear – ohmay, San Francisco, California, US
Hair Comb – Red and Coffee Ribbon Rose Hair Piece – Aurorarose, London, UK
Corset Overbust Red Silk – labellefairy,Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Messenger Bag in Black and Red Apple – MamaRuby,  UK
Embroidered Mary Jane Flats – stopsandstarts, Brooklyn, New York, US
SuperGlam Lip Jam Natural Gloss in Red Raspberry – LaLaBloom, Victoria, Canada