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Yarn Wrapped Jar

Last weekend I was just going to throw out my empty coffee jar, when I remembered I’d seen a tutorial somewhere whereby you wrapped wool around an empty bottle or jar – securing the wool to the jar with glue, to make a vase (pen or makeup brush holder).  A quick search on google brings up a plethora of blog and YouTube tutorials – if you want to have a go yourself.


I have quite a few balls of yarn amongst my crafty supplies and started off using the fancy green yarn shown above, but it didn’t look right so I used plain wool.   I added a little scrap of lace, 3 small vintage buttons and some pink fancy yarn as embellishments.  The ridged neck part of the jar was a little tricky to wrap and doesn’t look as neat as I would have liked – but hey ho……add a few flowers and I think it looks quite cute as a little vase with it’s rustic, shabby style!

yarn wrapped jar